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Doctor Dispenza is preparing to retire from practice and is no longer accepting new patient appointments. A limited number of self pay individual appointments will be available in 2019

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Joseph Dispenza


"A therapist should never think of himself as a wise sage who knows better than other people how to live life. At his best, a therapist is like a Sherpa guide in the Himalayas, who just happens to be good at helping other people climb to the tops of mountains."

My Will My Self

    I am not my legs.

I use my legs to carry me through the world.

They take me where I want to go.

    I am not my hands.

I use my hands to touch and to hold.

They grasp what I want and keep what I don’t want at bay.

    I am not my eyes.

I use my eyes to see.

They focus on what matters to me.

    I am not my ears,

But my ears bring to me 

All the music of life,

So I love them the most.

    I am not my brain.

My brain takes it all in.

All of it.

What my legs can’t run away from

What my hands can’t hold on to

And what they can’t fend off.

And what has been seen, 

Can not be unseen.

My brain takes it all in.

All of it.

    I am not my brain.

My brain does not make me feel.

I use my brain to think and to feel.

I feel I am conscious and alive.

I feel I am free to choose.

I feel my choices.

I feel the music of my life.

Who conducts the music?

I am the maestro.