Joseph Dispenza


First There is Anxiety

Anxiety says “No.”

“Don’t do that.”

“Don’t go there.’

“Don”t say that.”


Anxiety makes you feel weak in your knees

And soft in your gut.

Anxiety says “you will be shamed.”

Anxiety says “others are not like you”

“Others have an easier way about them.”

Anxiety says “you are inadequate at everything you do.”

Anxiety says “you are ugly.”

Anxiety says “you are stupid.”

Anxiety says “you are boring.”

Anxiety says “wait.”

Anxiety says “suffer slow not fast”

When you see others try and fail,

Anxiety says “see how quickly they hurt.”

When you see others try and succeed,

Anxiety says “you are not like them.”

Anxiety says “suffer slow.”

Anxiety says “you will never have what others have,

And what little you do have,

Will soon be taken from you.”

“You are not good enough.”

“It wasn’t meant to be.”

“Go home and pine and suffer slow.”

“At least you didn’t get hurt.”

Your hurt comes slow when others pass you by, 

And try,

and sometimes succeed.

Maybe if only you had tried,

But no,

Anxiety says “go home.”

Anxiety tells you to hide.

You’re not good enough.

You will hurt yourself.

You will be shamed.

Then Comes Courage

Courage says “anxiety is a fool”

Courage says “anxiety is a lie.”

Courage says “it’s okay to hurt fast,

Be quick about it, 

And try again.”

Courage says “you might just win.”

Anxiety says “when you try and fail,

People will laugh at you.”

Courage says “when you try and fail,

People will offer you a hand up,

Pat you on your back,

And dust you off, 

And say good try.”

Courage says “do it again,

And again, 

And again, 

And again.”

Anxiety comes uninvited,

And imposes itself upon you.

Courage is a formidable friend,

Who patiently abides.

Courage knows its place, 

Courage must be mustered.

Courage only answers a call to arms,

And when it arrives,

It rises within you.

Courage is spirited,

It sings out loud, and dances with gusto,

Telling you to valiantly sally forth,

 And all at once become,


Courage transcends the moment.

Courage becomes you,

When you let it stand beside you, 

Courage remains,

And anxiety sulks away.